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Want the


rate on a home equity loan and save like never before?

At Nuborrow we are on a crusade to wipe out high-interest credit card
debt and help you break free from the minimum payment trap.

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Want to save money and
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Put your hard-earned home equity to work with a home equity loan

of credit (HELOC).

Debt Repayment Calculator

See how long it could take to pay off your credit card debt with

our repayment calculator.

Total of all credit card debt
Add up everything you want to consolidate
Estimated interest rate
Interest rates vary, we typically suggest 15%
Minimum Payments
We used 2.5% of your total debt.

True cost of debt

Years to pay off

9.5 yrs

Total debt paid


Total interest paid


True cost of debt


Finally, an easy way
to save money

All of our mortgage solutions are easy to use,

simple to understand and designed to save your money